Creative Writing (P1-S4)

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写作班(小一至中四): Creative writing (P1-Sec4)
课程目标: 能写各种形式的作文,文章中心明确,条理清楚,文字通顺,词达其意。正确使用标点符号,格式正确,书写规范。
课程内容: - 以循序渐进的方式,激发学生的创意思维,从而写出语句通顺,词达其意的好文章。 - 各种文章开头、结尾的写作技巧、整理故事情节、合理分段描写。 - 分别学习不同情、景、物的描写方法,大量掌握词汇、好词好句运用,灵活运用词语,力求写得语句优美。 - 阅读文章、抓住重点、学习理解问答的技巧。 - 学习不同形式文章的写作方法,如看图作文、命题作文、完成文章;应用文、叙事文、描写文、议论文、报章报道的写作技巧。
Course Objectives: Our classes are designed for students who wish to further enhance their writing skill.
Course Information: - Step by step in writing a good composition, participate in brain storming for new ideas, learn to construct effective sentences and paragraphs - Learn how to start and end the composition, proper organisation of the composition. - Learn different types of writing method, ie. Feeling, place, people, event or incident, occasion etc. Ideas with good vocabulary and sentences. - Develop their comprehension skills - Explore different types of composition:

*Notes and Materials will be provided by us for all courses

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