Enrichment Class (P1-P6)

课程简介 Courses
小学同步提高班(小一至小六): Enrichment class (P1-P6)
课程理念: 重视语言技能,实现乐学善用 照顾个别差异,发掘学生潜能 促进思维发展,培养自学能力 结合资讯科技,增进学习效益 关注学习过程,掌握学生程度 课程目标: 提高华文程度 培养语言能力 培养通用能力 课程内容: - 配合教育部制定的课程,加深、增广内容、精心编写教材。 - 注重培养学生对华文的兴趣,打好华文基础。 - 采用“提前教学法”教学,更有效地帮助学生掌握和提高华文水平。 - 扩展词汇,文法训练,理解问答技巧。 - 紧密配合学校考试题型加以训练。 - 写作技巧、看图写作、创意写作。 - 口试及听力练习。 Course Ideology: Improve command of language for effective communication Emphasise usefulness and practicality Focus on individual students to tap on their potential Encourage innovation and cultivate self-learning Combine technology to improve learning efficiency Monitor learning progress to understand student's level Course Objective: Increase Chinese language Cultivate language proficiency Cultivate humanities Cultivate common abilities Course Information: - Complements the MOE school syllabus using the Chinese textbook as a guide. - Cultivate interest in Chinese language, build the foundation in the language - We "teach in advance", students will have a more in-depth understanding - Sentence building, language usage ability and comprehension skills - Provide training based on school's test questions - Creative writing skill. - Oral practices and listening skills

*Notes and Materials will be provided by us for all courses

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