课程简介 Courses
学前班(K1 & K2)课程 Kindergarten (5-6yrs)
课程目标: 掌握汉语拼音/华语听、说能力/基本笔画训练/正确书写汉字/掌握基础汉字/培养说华语、写汉字的习惯和兴趣/为进入小学阶段的华文教育打下良好的基础 课程内容: - 趣味故事、儿歌。 - 汉语拼音。 - 认字、写字、笔画、笔顺。 - 配词、造句、看图写句子。 - 朗读训练、朗读短文、绕口令。 - 听力练习、语言表达能力训练。 - 阅读理解训练。 Course Objectives: In preparation for primary school education, to achieve a good grasp of Hanyu Pinyin, Chinese listening and speaking skills, basic training for writing the strokes of Chinese characters, grasp of basic Chinese characters, cultivation of interest and habit in speaking and writing Chinese. Course Information: - Storytelling, songs, speech and drama - Hanyu Pinyin - Word recognition, writing, writing strokes, order of strokes - Phrases, sentence construction, picture composition - Recitation of rhymes, short stories, tongue twisters - Listening and conversational Chinese practices - Reading comprehension

*Notes and Materials will be provided by us for all courses

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