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教学方法 Teaching Method:
- 小班教学,课堂上老师随时掌握每一位学生的学习状况,力求最大程度的帮助学生。 - 所有课程均配合教育部要求制定教材,并在此基础上加深增广,使学生受益。 - 学生在每一课都会收到我们配合教育部教材所精心编写的内容丰富的教材。 - 每个学期均通过听写、单元复习、考前总复习等多种形式加强学生学习效果,并针对情形给予个别指导。 - 采取多种有趣的方式鼓励学生在课堂上积极参与,并激发他们对华文的兴趣。 - 随时和家长沟通学生在我中心学习的情况。 - Classes are conducted in small groups to help students effectively - Our classes follow the MOE school syllabus using the Chinese textbook as a guide, and require students to study more difficult material - Every session, students receive a set of supplementary material contributed by our experienced group of teachers - Inspire students to have a well balanced development and evaluate through spelling, worksheets, tests, and revision exam - Will make use of many interesting teaching methods to encourage active participation and cultivate interest in Chinese language - Will actively communicate with parent/guardians to understand learning progress

*Notes and Materials will be provided by us for all courses

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