Download 2021 June Holiday Programme Information
每年六月、十二月学校假期,我们均推出假期班,连续两个星期的星期一到星期五,共十节课。 课程包括: -汉语拼音班 -小一预备班 -各年级写作班 -口试班 -阅读理解班 -PSLE冲刺班 -PSLE阅读理解班 -PSLE口试班 -“O”Level口试班 -“O”Level阅读理解 课程特点: 集中时间连续上课,课程选择多,内容具有针对性。让 学生充分利用假期时间,集中、强化训练华文较薄弱的 部分,经过训练,使学生在相应方面的成绩有显著的提 高。 欲知详情,请致电6487 4627询问。
We provide holiday courses during June and December school holidays. Classes run consecutively for 2 weeks, from Monday to Friday, with 10 lessons in total.Courses include:  -Hanyu Pinyin -P1 Preparation -Creative Writing -Chinese Oral -Reading Comprehension courses for all levels -PSLE Intensive Course -PSLE Reading Comprehension -PSLE Chinese Oral -“O” Level Oral courses -“O” Level Reading Comprehension

Course Highlights: Each of our holiday courses is designed to target one specific section in the examination. There are many options to choose from for all levels. The classes are conducted in high frequency (5 days a week) which allows for more intensive training and faster improvements. Students are able to fully utilise the school holidays to focus on their areas of weaknesses.

For more information, contact us at 6487 4627.

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